Why Healthy Posture Matters

For a moment, think about the natural posture your body takes when you feel shame about something, or depressed and sad. Naturally your ribs get heavy, your belly shortens and your tailbone tucks under (just like a dog when it is afraid or knows it did something ‘bad’).

Posture Makes all the Difference

Now reflect on a natural posture your body takes when you feel proud, happy or you are celebrating a win. An organic postural response to these experiences is ribs lifted and upright, belly and shoulders open, and chin held high.

Your posture influences not only how others see and perceive you but also how you see and perceive yourself. Posture impacts what you believe about yourself and your attitude towards life.

Our collective posture has taken a nosedive for the worse! For many reasons this has happened, however, the big ones are: Our relationship to technology (looking at our phones and computers), sitting/driving for long periods of time, and the increased amount of internal/external stress.

In all of these scenarios it is common to collapse the ribs which makes the front ribs heavy and the thoracic spine (back of ribs) hyper-rounded. Then the head juts forward and creates more weight for your pine to carry and results in really tight trap muscles and contracted shoulders. The belly closes down and breath is shallow. There are many other things happening here in the body/mind with this posture, however, it is suffice to say when we spend most of our days in a poor, deflated posture, it creates physical, emotional and mental heaviness. 

When we practice an engaged and aware posture, with the ribs full and lifted, belly open, and heads sitting in a neutral position on the spine, it is easier to feel more energized and optimistic about life. In this posture we have more access to breathing more deeply because the ribs and diaphragm aren’t deflated or compressed. And, when we breath deeper, it is easier to think more clearly and feel more overall lightness through the body. In a healthy posture, energy flows more efficiently through the body/mind and we access to more creative ideas.

You are sending a message to your mind and the world with how you are holding your body. An important question to ask yourself is, what message is it that you are sending to yourself and the world, about yourself, simply with the posture you are wearing.

The Bowspring method supports you living in a healthy, dynamic posture that supports full body/mind well-being and ease of energy flow through all of your body systems.