What is Kinetix

Kinetix helps you to live a pain-free life through hydrating your constricted connective tissue so you can do the activities you love to do.

Kinetix is a fascia release technique to support you releasing dehydrated and hardened tissue and rehydrating it. This supports tissue health by increasing the blood flow to the region and creating more elasticity and flexibility through the myofascia (muscle and fascia) network. With muscles less constricted and more open you can move more easily as a result.

Kinetix is a ‘compression and movement’ based fascia release technique disrupting the fascia and nervous system patterns that contribute to the pain you are experiencing. I use my feet and step on a part of your body and add a gentle amount of weight. I then coach you through movement and it is from the compression and shearing that your fascia releases.

Together, we create a partnership for your healing experience. You are invited to be an active participant in your own healing journey.


  • Supportive in overcoming acute and chronic pain
  • Opens muscle tissue so the body can circulate blood more easily
  • Supports fascia hydration, allowing you to feel more bouncy and light in your body
  • Stimulates the body to produce Hyaluronic acid and collagen endogenously 
  • Increases athletic performance