What is Fascia?​

Fascia (connective tissue) is the most abundant tissue found in
the body that connects the whole body to itself while also creating distinguished boundaries between different body systems.

Fascia is everywhere! I think of it as a 3D webbing, wrapping all of our muscle fibrils, muscles fibers, muscles, blood vessels, organs, bones, cells, nerves, and the whole body! In its healthy state, fascia is hydrated in a watery and strong gel-like consistency and we move freely and quickly, easily as a result.

If fascia is unhealthy, due to an injury, repetitive movements,
poor posture, lousy nutrition, and poor movement, it thickens, densifies, and becomes dehydrated. Everything that it wraps ends up getting constricted and limits the amount of blood flow that can enter into the region because of the constriction. We feel ‘tight’ in the body and the range of motion is limited as a result. 

Fascia is the home of the nervous system and is where we hold subconscious beliefs. This is where we store trauma and unfelt emotions.

It’s time to free your constricted fascia and as a result feel more freedom in your body and movement!