What is Bowspring

The Bowspring is a therapeutic movement practice that is designed to support you feeling your best in all the activities that you do.

This extraordinary movement practice is founded upon the natural curves of the spine and body. When you learn how to integrate and move inside of the natural curves of your body, not only does it reduce pain but it allows for more blood/energy to circulate through your body more easily so you feel energized and naturally ‘lifted’ after each class.

The Bowspring teaches you how to activate the muscles that have been ‘asleep’ or underused andto brake the muscles that have been overworking. As over-activated muscles back-off and asleep muscles strengthen, a balanced muscle and fascia tone develops through the body creating more strength and ease in everyday movement.


  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Supports an optimistic attitude
  • Supportive in overcoming lower back pain and other pains in the body
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Feel stronger, relaxed and more open in your everyday movements
  • More confident in your posture
  • Toning and slimming of the waistline and neck
  • Turn on your glutes (booty) and learn how to lift your butt naturally
  • Activates playfulness and a ‘light-heartendness’
  • Increased awareness of everyday movement and postural patterns