Tips to lighten up your posture and mood!

The 'every day' things we do, often without thinking about how we are doing them, have a big impact on how we feel in our bodies and our emotions.


How is your posture when you stand? Is it heavy and defated? Or full and open? Is the way you stand, supporting your well-being, or is it contributing to lower back pain?

Learn how to stand in an empowered stance, which helps keep your lower back happy! 



How much do you sit each day? If you could track the hours, how many would you guess? If you are like me and do computer work, then it is a lot!

Learn how to sit in a way that not only supports lower back health, but also supports an alert awareness, which helps keep your energy lifted.

Bend over

How many times do you bend over to pick up laundry, your child or dogs toys, or because you are cleaning?

If you bend over to pick something up you have an opportunity to support your lower back when do it if you do it correctly. Learn how here!

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