Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! Anyone at any age can benefit from the Bowspring. The practice is here to meet you where you are and support you growing into your strength.

If you are currently overcoming an injury or have a difficult time moving from and to the floor, then reach out to Paris directly and schedule some private sessions with her.

Yes! And not only limited to lower back pain but many aches and pains that have developed through the body it supports healing. Because many people have forgotten how to implement the natural curves of the spine and their bodies, when we plug back into the curves our body naturally heals.

It is common in most people’s bodies that the glutes (butt muscles) are underutilized. They are the largest muscles in the body and if they aren’t working that means other muscles are having to work overtime to compensate, often the lower back muscles and quads. This pattern contributes to lower back pain. When the glutes are engaged then the lower back doesn’t have to work so hard.

Every body is different, however, it has been studied that people who commit to fifteen classes consistently, practicing twice a week, see results. The results are consistent with a longer waistline and a lift in the booty.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, making up thirty percent of all protein in the body. Collagen comprises of the amino acids’ proline, hydro proline, and glycine. It is these amino acids that bring structure to our body and skin ~ similar to the role scaffolding plays in a building.

We produce an ample amount of it in our youth, hence no wrinkles in children and they can take fall and bounce right back up. As we age that production halts and as a result of not making collagen in our body, we begin to see signs of aging in the skin, feelings of stiff in the body and joints, and hair loss. You can think of the collagen scaffolding breaking down as we age and not able to not able to provide as much structure for your skin and body.

It is recommended by Modere to commit to 90 days of taking the liquid collagen to begin noticing results in plumper, more vibrant skin, hair growth and joint health. However, many people report seeing results much sooner.

I have used collagen for many years, most of it being the powdered type that I would get at my local health food store. I didn’t notice much difference in my hair, skin, nails, joints when I took it but just kept taking it because it was so highly recommended by health
professionals I look up to.

When I discovered the liquid collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) matrix supplement and learned that it is the most bioavailable form of collagen/HA on the market because of where the collagen comes from, it made sense to me. No wonder I wasn’t seeing results with the powdered collagen because my body wasn’t using it! Not only was I not experiencing results from the powdered collagen, but I later discovered that it can be highly inflammatory to the body.

Liquid Biocell is highly absorbed and within taking this for thirty days collagen and HA increase in the body by 6,000%. I noticed my hair growing faster and thicker within six weeks of taking it. Along with hair growth, my skin is plumper and have felt more fluidity in my joints. It is recommended to commit to take the liquid collagen for 90 days because that is when the clinical trials indicated the most amount of change in skin health (reduction of fine lines and wrinkles), hair and nail growth and joint mobility.