Meet Paris

It's great to connect here!

Hello, I am Paris, and I am here to help you feel better! As a nutrition therapist, emotional eating coach, Bowspring instructor and Kinetix fascia release practitioner, I use everything I do to help you live in an empowered and healthy life.

Since an early age I have been interested in health. All things related to health, especially nutrition and how to support healing the body from various imbalances. I became fascinated with how the small, everyday decisions we make add up to either support harmonious health or imbalances and dis-ease.

In 2007 I began teaching yoga and immersed myself in the asana practice for eight years. That was until I met Bowspring 😉 In 2015 I took my first bowspring class and in it I felt annoyed and irritated because the practice was almost exactly opposite of what I had been studying and practicing for the past eight years. Though I was emotionally triggered I couldn’t deny how amazing my body and mood felt after each practice. The bowspring also showed me all the places I was weak in my body, which was very humbling yet telling.

After attending only a couple of Bowspring classes I had a lightbulb moment when I realized this practice was going to forever change my life if I stuck with it. It was a strong and pressing knowing and decided to follow that guidance

I quit teaching yoga and submerged myself into the practice of Bowspring. After studying and practicing this method for a year, I began to teach it. Here I am today, seven years later, ever-more in love with this evolving practice.

It was learning this method that I began to understand how vital healthy posture is to our health, relationships, and overall lives. Practicing an everyday posture that reflects health, awareness and confidence has been shapeshifting for my body and mind.

In 2008 I sought out to learn the role nutrition and our emotional relationship with food plays in our health. This quest was born out of my personal struggles and confusion about food. I graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute as a nutrition therapist in 2011 and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in 2016. I have been seeing clients since then to support them experiencing more peace with food and their bodies.

After experiencing a ‘frozen shoulder’ in 2019 for a full year I found Kinetix fascia release therapy. Prior to that I attended a fascia release clinic in Phoenix Arizona who supported the first part of my shoulder recovery. However, it wasn’t fully healed and was looking for a therapy to get me where I wanted to be. Kinetix played an instrumental role in my full rehabilitation, and I am forever grateful which then inspired me to learn the method and share it in conjunction with the other things I do.

With my rich history and love for health, I have woven together all the threads of my passion to offer people a unique opportunity to open and heal in their bodies while expanding their minds.